112Watch Female Scholar and Activist from Thailand

A Female Scholar and Activist from Thailand Advocates in the United States

August 25, 2023

112WATCH this month interviews Pongkwan Sawasdipakdi, a Thai scholar and activist based in California, about her role in advocacy on the issue of Article 112 in the United States.

She talks about the view of the United States on this draconian law and the difficulty in getting through to the US administration. "The problem is, up to this point, neither of the resolutions has garnered agreement from senators nor representatives. The lack of progress can be attributed to at least two factors. First, there might be a relatively low level of concern and interest among the U.S. Congress members regarding Thailand’s human rights situation. Or second, there could be a fear that such resolutions with assertive language, though only holding a symbolic impact, could potentially jeopardize bilateral relations between the two countries, particularly in a time of increasing competition with China," Pongkwan said.

Read the full interview below –


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